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7 Day Permit Waiver

Available only to citizens of the Independent State of Samoa, a 7 Day permit allows a group of individuals to travel to American Samoa. A minimum of ten (10) travelers is required to be eligible for this permit. See below for further information.

Application Process

Submit copies of the following documents for each of the travelers:

  1. Copy of valid passport or Document of Identity (both must be valid for at least six (6) months prior to date of departure from American Samoa;

  2. Copy of itinerary or ticket (must be a round-trip ticket);

  3. Clearance from the District Court of American Samoa;

  4. Clearance from the Lyndon B. Johnson Tropical Medical Center (LBJ) business office.

Additional Requirements:

  1. Local sponsor must submit all of the required documents in person at the Immigration Office to initiate processing.


  1. ​10 to 20 individuals = $200.00 USD

  2. 21 to 50 individuals = $300.00 USD

  3. 51 to 100 individuals = $400.00 USD

  4. 101 to 200 individuals = $500.00 USD

  5. Additional individual after 200 is $5.00 USD per person.

  6. Court Clearance - Check with the district court at (684) 633-1101.
  7. Hospital Clearance - Check with the business office at (684) 633-1222
NOTE: Sponsor must appear in person at the Immigration Office to submit the required documents and initiate processing. 
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