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The American Samoa Sex Offender Registry is designated to uphold the law, improve the safety and security of our children and community from those convicted of sexual offenses.

What is the Sex Offender Registry?

The purpose of the American Samoa Sex Offender Registry (A.S.S.O.R.) is to register and track sex offenders who reside, attend school or are employed in the Territory of American Samoa and to make information available to the public for their use. 

Please keep in mind that registry information should never be used to threaten, intimidate or harass another. 

American Samoa Sex Offender Registry

"It is our duty as a society to protect those who are most vulnerable and prone to exploitation by sexual predators. The Sex Offender Registry is one tool to help us achieve that goal."

The ASSOR Division of the Office of the Attorney General is administered locally with the assistance of the United States Department of Justice. Please contact the Office of the Attorney General, A.S.S.O.R. Division at (684) 633-4163 for more information on registered sex offenders and the Registry or call the Department of Public Safety at (684) 633-1111 to report a crime. 

You can also visit the Sex Offender Registry website by clicking the link below. 

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