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The Certificate of Identity, better known as a "CI" is an emergency temporary travel document issued by the Office of the Attorney General allowing U.S. Citizens and U.S. Nationals to travel from American Samoa to a limited number of foreign countries that include the United States and the Independent State of Samoa. For use of CI's for entry into other countries, please consult that particular country's immigration authorities or Consulate for further information.

Beginning October 15, 2019, the Travel Division will issue CI's in a new, convenient, and more secure format. Additionally, the new CI will last for one (1) year at a price of $100 USD. Travelers are strongly advised to obtain U.S. Passports

List of Required Documents

  • Original Birth Certificate

    • Must be in good condition with no tears, stains, smudges, or frayed edges. We reserve the right to reject damaged or laminated birth certificates. 

  • Government Issued Identification Card

    • Must be a local, state, or any government issued identification card. A local voter ID card is not acceptable.​

  • Two (2) Passport Photos

    • You application must include two (2) passport photos. Dimensions must 2" x 2" to be accepted. ​

  • Married Applicants

    • Married female applicants must include a copy of a marriage certificate if you use your married name on the identification presented to the CI Office.

  • Minors

    • Minor MUST appear with both parents for verification purposes. If you are applying for a minor on behalf of the parents, you must present a notarized authorization signed by both parents allowing you to apply on their behalf. ​

Tips and Pointers
  • Please be sure the supporting documents you submit for your CI are in good condition. Off-island immigration authorities may not accept your CI if your supporting documents are not in good condition. 

  • If traveling with a minor but you are not the legal parent or court appointed guardian, please be sure to obtain a notarized authorization from both birth parents.

  • All applicants are required to appear in person to apply for a CI. No exceptions.

  • Please bear in mind the submission and pick-up times listed below so you can plan accordingly. 

Hours of Operation

7:30 am to 4:00 pm daily.

CI Applications accepted between


7:30 am and 1:00 pm daily

Completed CI pick-up times:


2:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

Processing Timeline

During peak travel times, namely Christmas and New Years as well as the Summer travel season, processing times will be seven (7) business days due to the sheer volume of CI applications submitted. 

Processing times during non-peak travel periods is up to three (3) business days. 

Please be sure to plan ahead of time. 


Office of the Attorney
Immigration Office

(684) 633-4163 or 633-4164


Office of the Attorney
Immigration Office

(684) 633-0135 or 633-1585

Office of the Territorial

(684) 633-0135 or 633-1585


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