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Multiple Entry Permit

Available to business travelers affiliated with local businesses or corporations. 

Application Process

Initial Requirements

  1. Submit an official request to the Attorney General stating the purpose of the request for Multiple Entry Permits (MEP). Please be sure to submit this request on official company letter head.

  2. Provide a brief justification as to why the individuals on whose behalf the MEP is requested is necessary. 

  3. List the names of these individuals, including their country of origin, country of residence, position within the business organization, and nature of their visit(s). 

Submit copies of the following documents for each of the individuals requesting MEP's:

  1. Copy of valid passport (both must be valid for at least six (6) months prior to date of departure from American Samoa);

  2. Copy of itinerary or ticket (must be a round-trip ticket);

  3. Clearance from the District Court of American Samoa;

  4. Clearance from the Lyndon B. Johnson Tropical Medical Center (LBJ) business office;

  5. Clearance from the American Samoa Department of Homeland Security (Clearances from Homeland Security will be handled by the AG's Office - sponsor will be provided with a Consent Form, signed by applicant, allowing Homeland Security to conduct background investigation);

  6. Police clearance from traveler's home country;

  7. Medical/health clearance from travelers home country.


  • $50 USD per person per month up to one (1) year.

  • Court Clearance - Check with the district court at (684) 633-1101.

  • Hospital Clearance - Check with the business office at (684) 633-1222.

NOTE: Sponsor must appear in person at the Immigration Office to submit the required documents and initiate processing. 

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