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Travelers who plan on being in American Samoa for less then 24 Hours can obtain an OK Board for entry into American Samoa without having to apply for an entry permit. Traveler must depart within 24 Hours of arrival. 

Application Process

Submit Copies of the following documents:

  1. Copy of valid passport (must be valid for at least six (6) months prior to date of departure from American Samoa);

  2. Copy of itinerary or ticket (must show that traveler will leave within 24 Hours from date and time of arrival).


  1. OK Board fee - FREE


  • Traveler must apply for an OK Board under this category before arrival in American Samoa. There are no extensions beyond the 24 hour time period. 

  • If traveler remains in American Samoa past the allowable 24 Hour time period, traveler is subject to $50 USD fee and must be paid prior to departing.

OK BOARD - In-Transit

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