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All foreigners are required to obtain Entry Permits in order to lawfully enter American Samoa. There are circumstances where Entry Permits are not applicable. Those circumstances require travel authorizations referred to as "OK Boards" in order to enter and are detailed below. 

  1. OK Boards for U.S. Citizens and U.S. Nationals - American Samoa is considered an international destination and travelers seeking entry must possess a valid, machine readable passport, valid CI or certified birth certificate with a valid government issued photo id before an air carrier allows them on-board. Traveler's sometimes lose their passport or realize, oftentimes a bit too late, that their passport has expired, or they only have copies of their travel document. If traveler is a U.S. Citizen or a U.S. National, they would be eligible for an OK Board. Click here for more information and to apply online. 

  2. OK Boards for Entry Permit Waiver Program (EPWP) - Under the EPWP, passport holders from select countries around the world may travel to American Samoa without the need for an Entry Permit. Click here for more information and to apply online

  3. OK Boards for Returning Residents - Foreign nationals who legally reside in American Samoa can enter using an OK Board if their travel documents are either lost or expired. Click here for more information and to apply online.

  4. OK Boards for In-Transit Travelers - Foreign nationals who plan to visit and depart American Samoa within 24 Hours can do so without an Entry Permit. Traveler must obtain an OK Board before arriving. There is no fee for this authorization. Click here for more information and to apply online.

Note: For OK Board inquiries, please email

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