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Declaration of Continued and Expanded Public Health Emergency

The Governor of American Samoa has continued and expanded the Public Health Emergency in effect since November 13, 2019. The expanded declaration takes into consideration the imminent threat posed by the Coronavirus outbreak that is rapidly spreading globally.

As a result, the following directives are in effect:

1 - ALL OK Boards, Entry Permit Waivers, and Transit Permits for foreign nationals are suspended until further notice. OK Boards for US Nationals will to continue to be processed with the added requirement of verifying countries traveled to in the previous 30 Days.

2 - ALL non-US passport holders must go through the Entry Permit process to travel to American Samoa. The following restrictions will be put in place immediately:

  • ALL foreign travelers, except for Samoa passport holders, seeking an entry permit must enter American Samoa through the Hawaii route. The traveler must spend 14 days in Hawaii before entering American Samoa.

  • Travelers that have been present in an affected country must remain in an unaffected country for at least 14 days prior to entry to American Samoa. Due to heightened risk, entry permits of travelers from affected areas may be denied even if all other requirements have been fulfilled.

  • ALL entry permit applications will be subject to a 30-day review period. Approval of permits prior to the completion of the 30-days is not guaranteed and in no circumstances will a permit be approved before 14 days have passed from the time of application.

  • ALL entry permit applications must also the following clearances: Immunization clearance from DOH, health exam clearance from Ministry of Health (for Samoa citizens), LBJ Clearance, Court Clearance, Homeland Security Clearance (for non-Samoan citizens).

  • ALL travelers must provide information on the countries they have been to in the 30 days prior to entry. In support of this requirement, permit applications are to include copes of the passport pages showing stamps at ports of entry and departure. The Immigration Office is tasked with verifying this information. Any traveler found to falsify or omit information will be immediately removed from the Territory.

  • Samoa citizens must have a health exam administered and approved by the Ministry of Health 14 days prior to entry into American Samoa.

  • ALL children under 18 years of age must show proof of vaccinations for all required vaccinations according to Table 1 of the CDC recommendations.

  • An immigration bond of $500 per person will be required in accordance with ASAC 41.0409(b) for all crewman of vessels seeking entry into American Samoa.


  1. ALL TRAVELERS TO SAMOA (from American Samoa) are required to receive a health exam 3 days prior to travel. DOH is the only agency authorized to issue health exams. All health exams will take place at the Tafuna Health Center.

  2. AMNESTY program for overstayers will close for registration on February 6, 2020 as previously scheduled. The public is advised that there will be increased immigration enforcement efforts and all those who have not registered for the amnesty program will be subject to all application penalties including fines and deportation.

  3. ALL other emergency policies currently in effect will remain so until further notice or expiration of this extended public health emergency declaration.

  4. This declaration will be in effect for thirty (30) days and will expire on February 28, 2020.


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