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MARCH 9, 2020 - Revised Travel Advisory

This is the latest travel advisory from the American Samoa Department of Health.


Due to rapid spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), this travel advisory is effective IMMEDIATELY.

Samoa Airline and Talofa Airways:

All charter flight will be denied entry into American Samoa until further notice.

Travel Requirements:

From American Samoa to Samoa:

· Health Clearance from Tafuna Health clinic 3 days before travel

· Note: Residents staying more than 3 days must acquire a health clearance from Ministry of Health (MOH) before entry. (MOH Contact #: 685-68100)

From American Samoa going beyond Samoa (e.g. Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, Tonga, etc.):

· Spend 14 days in Samoa

· Acquire a health clearance ONLY from MOH 3 days before entry

· Provide itinerary upon arrival in AS

From Samoa to American Samoa:

· Acquire a health clearance from MOH 3 days before entry

· Complete DOH Travel Declaration Form

Flights To and From Tonga:

Talofa Airways flights between American Samoa and Tonga are suspended until further notice.

Flights from Hawaii:

All travelers (including AS residents) traveling from and transiting through any of the Affected Foreign Countries entering American Samoa will be subject to the following:

· Spend 14 days in Hawaii

· Acquire a health clearance 3 days before entry

· Complete DOH Travel Declaration Form

· Provide itinerary upon arrival in AS

In accordance with CDC guidelines, US passport holders and returning residents traveling from and transitioning through any of the Affected US States (Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Texas, Illinois, Wisconsin, New York, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Georgia, Rhode Island, Hawaii) will be subject to all Public Health screening procedures and may be medically quarantined or home quarantine. All those who are home quarantined are restricted from leaving their homes until cleared by a Public Health physician.

Entry Permits:

All entry permits are suspended until further notice except for returning residents with valid Immigration ID’s or Immigration Board approval.

Seaport Travel Requirements:

· For all vessels, screening requirements remain the same at the port.

· NOTE: Cruise ships will be granted entry into American Samoa until further notice.

Department of Health strongly recommends that all persons intending to travel to any US States and foreign countries affected by the COVID-19 to postpone their travel arrangements unless necessary. All residents traveling abroad are advised to return to American Samoa.

Symptoms COVID-19:

· Fever

· Cough

· Shortness of breath and breathing difficulties

Leone Clinic: All residents seeking health services from the Leone Clinic are asked to go to Tafuna Health Center.

Parents with children needing transportation to the clinic are asked to contract the following number: 633-5871/5872 or 699-6380.

This travel advisory is subject to change due to the daily COVID-19 updates.

Call COVID-19 Hotline (Command Post) 633-5871/5872 for any question or updates.

/Motusa Tuileama Nua/ (dated 3-9-2020)


Motusa Tuileama Nua


Public Health

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