Price Gouging Is Illegal. See it? Report it...

Updated: Mar 5, 2018

Tropical Cyclone Gita took quite a toll on the residents of the Territory. Life for some is difficult with some residents still having to make do without electricity or water. Supplies are short, demand is high, and the temptation for some unscrupulous sellers and retailers to raise prices for those supplies or services is at a fever pitch.

But did you know that raising prices for good and/or services during a declared state of emergency is against the laws of American Samoa? And that those sellers and retailers that raise their prices are actually committing a crime?

This is considered price gouging and consumer protection laws of American Samoa prevent just that.

So, what exactly does the law say?

Well, for thirty (30) days following the declaration of a state of emergency, sellers and retailers cannot sell certain goods and supplies at a price that is more than ten percent (10%) above the price charged right before the state of emergency was declared.