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Samoa Ministry of Health Travel Advisory

For individuals traveling to Apia, Samoa, please note the following travel advisory issued by the Samoa Ministry of Health. For further details, information or updates, please visit the Samoa Ministry of Health at

Special Travel Advisory - American Samoa
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Pursuant to the American Samoa Code Annotated (ASCA) 4.1001 et seq, 41.0205 and 41.0207, the Attorney General proposes to adopt the immigration rules set forth in Title 41 of the American Samoa Admin

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02 jun.

Attention travelers heading to Apia, Samoa: The Samoa Ministry of Health has issued a travel advisory with important guidelines and updates. To ensure a safe and smooth journey, please review the advisory before your trip. For detailed information and the latest updates, visit the Samoa Ministry of Health's official website at Samoa Ministry of Health.

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