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The Office of Weights and Measures ("OWM") ensures that weights and measures of every kind, instruments, and devices for weighing and measuring are correct and in full compliance with all physical and legal standards.


Additionally, the OWM ensures that commodities being sold or bought in American Samoa are in compliance with all labeling, pricing, and unit measurement requirements.


The OWM is under the direction of the Director of the Consumer Protection Bureau.

How do I file a complaint with the Office of Weights and Measures?

You can file a complaint with OWM by sending a letter to the Director of Consumer Protection detailing the reason for your complaint. Please include the following in your complaint:


  • Name of business/organization/individual with whom you have a complaint.

  • Date of transaction(s).

  • A copy(s) of the receipt/invoice (if applicable).

  • A brief but detailed description of what happened (the product you purchased, the service you received, etc...)

  • Briefly describe what you think may have been or should have been the result of your transaction with this business.

Please remember to provide your contact information.

Please visit the Consumer Protection Bureau page for further information plus tips on how to write a complaint letter. 
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