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Our Mission

"The mission of the Department of Legal Affairs is to protect and advance the safety, interests, and quality of life of the People of American Samoa by ensuring the fair and impartial administration of justice.

We enforce the laws of American Samoa. We counsel the government and its agencies on various legal issues. We protect the borders of the Territory from illegal immigration. We protect the consumers of American Samoa from illegal and fraudulent business practices, and we ensure the proper recording and availability of land and title records for the People of American Samoa."

The Department of Legal Affairs is an integral part of the executive branch and is under the direction of the Attorney General of American Samoa. The Attorney General is the Territory's chief law enforcement officer and chief legal advisor to the American Samoa Government.  


The Department of Legal Affairs is comprised of several divisions that assist in fulfilling the duties of the Attorney General. These divisions include the Office of the Attorney General itself, the Immigration Office, the Territorial Registrar's Office, the Consumer Protection Bureau, the Travel Division, the American Samoa Sex Offender Registry, the Parole Division and the Office of Weights and Measures.


The Department of Legal Affairs provides services that cover a broad range of issues, reaching every corner of the Territory. 

Department of Legal Affairs Office Hours

Attorney General's Office: 7:30am to 4pm (M-F), 3rd Floor EOB

Travel Division: 8:00am to 4pm (M-F), 1st Floor EOB

SORNA: 7:30am to 4pm (M-F), 3rd Floor EOB

Immigration:  7:30am to 4pm (M-F), 1st Floor EOB

Territorial Registrar's Office:  7:30am to 4pm (M-F), Fagatogo

(Parole, Weights and Measures and Investigation contact office for info)

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